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Privy An email acquisition platform with intelligent targeting.

Grow Your Email List

Privy provides simple tools to grow your email list and build your subscriber base. Use our popups, banners, and landing pages to encourage email list signup with a simple line of code on your website. Leverage our advanced targeting, including exit intent and auto-show, to increase conversions. And use offer-driven signup to add even more incentive to join your email list.

As you acquire emails, Privy provides email social profiles and real-time analytics so you can understand list growth and conversions. Build on-the-fly segments that you can export directly into Mad Mimi for remarketing.

Get Started in Minutes

  1. Sign up for Privy here:
  2. From your Privy dashboard, click on “Settings.”
  3. Under “Business Settings,” click on “Linked Accounts.”
  4. Click on “Mad Mimi.”
  5. Enter the email address associated with your Mad Mimi account, along with your Mad Mimi API Key.

Export to Mad Mimi

Auto-Sync: Within any campaign, auto-sync new emails acquired in real-time to any Mad Mimi list.

Batch Export: Export emails from a list signup campaign — globally or for a specific segment.

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